We support a complete service for online academic research. We intend  to  follow up  with  the  research  areas  of  all  students (up to  professorial level) in    institutions of higher learning. This  platform is a  multidisciplinary  website called  analysethis.co  that will create  an  avenue  for  people  to  engage  in thought  provoking socio-economic  and  political issues. 

This website will be like a global school maintaining the departmental composition of a traditional university to form a global research network. This will attract users to register for free academic collaboration in and outside their academic disciplines. Users  of  this  site  can tender  their  academic  problems  for deliberation by  viewers  free of  charge. In this  regard, a  Harvard-trained professor can  respond  to  the  argument  of a  year two student  in  Nigeria, likewise, a  bank  manager  can respond  to the  argument of a finance professor.

All  contributions  will  be  trended,  which  will  remain  and accumulate  over  a  long  period  of  time. The  accumulated  database  will  be a  goldmine  for  research  in  say  ten  years.


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