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The ladies have now come up wit so many lists of what men ought to do to be tagged as romantic but philosophically, does it ever make sense in d reality? Now I will try to come up with some of these "fantasyromantic" gestures and I will try not to be biased also as I will neutralize it with what guys also think its romantic for girls to do and u guys will comment the number and state wether It's romantic or foolish. For the ladies that will be commenting, please be realistic! Leggo

1: A man carryn a lady's handbag in public? Romantic or foolish

2: A guy washin his gf's pants? Romantic or fooolish

3: a girl trimming her guy's toe nails in class? Romantic or foolish

4: a guy fighting because of his babe? Romantic or foolish

5: a girl performing wifely duties for her boyfrnd? Romantic or foolish

6: a guy taking all his last savings to buy his girlfrnd a gift. Romantic or foolish

7: a guy writing an exam for his babe in absentia. Romantic or foolish

8: a girl cooking for her boyfrnd in campus (for those in private universities) romantic or foolish

9: a guy taking a punishment for his babe. (For those in secondary schools) romantic or foolish

10: a guy spendin his school fees to please his babe and feel among. Romantic or foolish

11: keeping a seat for ur bf/gf (for those in school) romantic or foolish

12: a guy doing assignments for his chic. Romantic or foolish

13: a lady proposing to a guy. Romantic or foolish?

14: a guy answering the fiancee's surname wen they get married. Romantic or foolish

15: a girl taking attendance for her b during lectures. Romantic or foolish
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