TOPIC: How Can 'ofe Akwu' Be Prepared?

How Can 'ofe Akwu' Be Prepared? 4 years 3 months ago #125

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The Ingredients u need are,

1. Palm kernel nuts (the one used in making banga soup, we call it banga)
2. Fresh Pepper
3. very little quantity of tomatoes(the tomatoes should be very small other wise it would come out too swt)
4. tatashe
5. Onions
6. Scent leave (popularly called efirin)
7. A little crayfish
8. Ur meat, u can use any type, beaf, goatmeat, dry fish, liver, kpomo, dry shrimps and whatever in meat for.
9. maggi.
10. salt to taste.


wash ur meat in a pot and and simmer (whatever u r using) adding sliced onions, maggi, salt. Allow it to boil till a little tender.
wash ur banga thoroughly to remove sand and place in a pot. add water and boil.
grind ur tomatoes, f/pepper, onions, tatashe and set aside.
De bone ur fish and grind ur crayfish, set aside.

When the banga is soft enough from boiling, remove it from the pot and pound in a mortar. strain the liquid in a pot. U have to be very careful here cause of the shaft and those little black things from the head of the palm kernel. After starining the liquid in a pot keep it aside.

Next make a stew with the blended tomatoes and f/pepper, make sure u use very little quantity of g/oil, i mean very little. After the stew is cooked u can begin the preparation of the banga that was set aside.
Place the Banga liquid on fire and allow to boil, slice onions in it, add ur crayfish, allow to boil very well till when its almost getting thick, add ur washed fish, kpomo and others, wit meat. allow to boil a little say 5mins,then add the cooked stew in it, taste for maggi, salt. if o.k, last thing u add is ur scent leaves, let the leave be much to bring out the flavour, and the leaves should be chopped, not diced.allow to boil say for 2mins then set down.

u really have an idea on how to do it but u dont use tomatoes for the ofe akwu otherwise u call it ofe akwu- it with just palm fruits and u have the real taste.
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