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This is a compilation of tips that are geared towards helping young lawyers as they navigate their way through the early stage of their practice.

This is an opportunity for you to sift through, all in one place, these tips. Some of these tips come in the form of articles, while others were in the form of an interview .But irrespective of the form they take, they will be of value to you. So here they are:

1) How To Attract Good Clients to Your Practice Even if it's a Day After Your Call

One of the burning questions on the mind of most young lawyers is the question of how to attract clients to their new practice. You would agree with me that subjects like this are not taught in law school, and yet to a great extent determines how successful ones law practice would turn out. In this post you will discover three belief systems that would help you as a young lawyer go about attracting clients to your practice.

2) Three Biggest Challenges Nearly Every Junior Lawyer Will Face
Most times new wigs jump or rather are thrown into law practice oblivious of the challenges that would be staring them in the face. Their excitement of being called to bar soon evaporates when confronted with the stark realities law practice poses for young lawyers. This post seeks to draw the attention of young lawyers to some of the challenges they would be facing as new wigs. The aim not being to instill fear nor discourage them, but rather to prepare them to be able to face these challenges head-on. It promises to be a good read.

3) Which Nigerian Law Firms Pay The Highest Salary?

Don't be deceived by the title of this post as its content takes an interesting twist that forces young lawyers to reconsider the kind of questions they are used to asking. While it's okay to try to figure out law firms that would pay us good salaries as young lawyers, who wouldn't desire that, the writer suggests that there are far more important questions young lawyers should be asking as budding lawyers. Do you want to find out what these questions that this writer considers more important than the one used as the title of this post? Then this post is for you.

4) Interview- With Barr Akin Apara

I find a lot of things interesting about Akin. Apart from the fact that he is a young lawyer who seem to have a sense of purpose and direction as to where he is taking his practice to, his passion and determination is contagious. How else would you explain his ability to have his practice running barely two years after his call to bar? Well, typical of a man determined to pursue his dreams, he was able to surmount the usual challenges that ordinarily would hinder a young lawyer like him from making headway. On how he overcame one of such challenges, this is what Akin had to say: "I have an office in my house, and that's where I work from".

5) New wig: How not to make your first appearance in court a disaster

While some look forward to it with great excitement, for others, it is with some trepidation . But irrespective of which group you fall into, you know it's a day you would most likely have to face as a new wig. It's your first appearance in court. In a light and humorous tone, this particular post gives new wigs some tips they may find handy as they prepare to make their first appearance in court.

6) Nigerian young lawyers- Who moved our brief ?

How many of us as young lawyers have come to accept the reality that things have really fallen apart and the center can no longer hold? How many of us are still complaining and murmuring about the harsh realities confronting young lawyers rather than doing something to change our fate? This writer uses a similar analogy as was used in the book: "Who moved my cheese" to challenge young lawyers on the need to accept change, however unfavorable it might appear to be, and strategically position oneself to move on with the tide. If your are tired of complaining about how bad things have become for young lawyers, and want to stir the ship of your practice as a young lawyer, this post promises to give you that little push you need to make that move.

7) Who Can Answer This Law School Question?

This post has absolutely nothing to do with law school, but rather everything to do with the challenges most young lawyers face working as associates in a law firm. Have you ever felt like your boss is one big monster in a human form that needs to be caged? Are you about dropping your resignation letter and calling it a quit as an associate in your present firm? Before you do that, I would advise that you spend a little time to read this post. To give you a little tip of what this post is about, let me leave you with this quote I find very interesting from the post- "People who have plans don't make erratic decisions. They stick to their plan, and make their exit when it's time, not when it hurts."

cool Interview With – Daramola Olu Peters

Young lawyers can learn one or two things from the story of Barr Daramola as he opens up to us into some of the challenges he had while starting up as a young lawyer, and how with the power of vision and resilience he has been able to carve out a niche for himself in criminal law practice. Are you looking for some motivation on how you can pull it off as a young lawyer? Then look no further, as this post will stir your spirit and give you that nudge you need to keep on pressing on as you wade through the turbulent waters of law practice.

9) 5 Reasons Why Every Young Lawyer Should Have a Mentor

This particular post happens to be one of my favorites as it seeks to bring to the fore an important concept most young lawyers are neglecting. If you are in doubt as to the enormous benefits you stand to gain by having mentors around you as a young lawyer, then you really need to read this post. The writer, with such simplicity, reminds young lawyers on why they need mentors as greenhorns in the profession.

10) How to Find a Good Mentor as a Young Lawyer

Now that you have come to know the need and importance of having mentors, this post will guide you as you begin to search out for mentors. It will help to position you on how best to go about this search in other not to get it wrong. This is a follow-up post to :"5 reasons why every young lawyer should have a mentor" .

11) A young lawyer's letter to his Principal

This post takes us through the mind of a young lawyer who is about to take his first job as an associate in a law firm. Written in the form of a letter, the writer explores the expectations most young lawyers have as they begin their journey of law practice. Written in a manner that might touch some nerves, howbeit, its truthfulness cannot be called into question. A good read for young lawyers, and senior lawyers might pick some lessons from it too.

12) What Does it Take to Succeed as a Lawyer?

Do you know what it takes it to succeed as a young lawyer? I bet you would want to know. In this post, the writer takes on an advice given by Thomas Conyngton, way back in 1920 on what it takes to succeed as a lawyer. The writer tries to dissect this age-long advice, and decipher if it still holds true today. This attempt by the writer ends up bringing up tips and ideas that a young lawyer would find useful in his quest to achieve success as a legal practitioner. A good read too.

13) 4 Things Every Lawyer Should do or Know Before Opening up a Law Firm-With O.P Daramola

It is the dream of every young lawyer that one day he would set up his own firm and be the principal of his law practice . This interview with Daramola provides some insights on the vital things you should have in place before you open up your doors to clients. This post will provide you foundational truths that will help you build a strong and viable law firm that will stand the test of time.
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