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In every man-woman relationship, the affection towards each other is rarely balanced and this is a peculiar trait that has been on for many many years yet there have been no solution to this never ending unbalanced circle of affection.

Either you or your partner will always feel a tilt in the emotional balance and you will either see yourself loving the... guy so so much but this guy in question is actually in love with another lady or visavis.

So we see Lora loving David but David has a crush on Mary. Mary on the other hand is desperately in love with Paul who have made Mary understand several times that he is in love with Cindy who has also giving same Paul several warnings to back off cos her heart belongs to Jim who on the other hand has....

There seems to be no end to this crazy love triangle but in most cases,a man may cope with a lady who has lesser affection than he does for her because he is a man anyway and being the captain of the love boat, he can always cope.

But for ladies who are the weaker vessels, pray and hope never ever to fall in love with a man that has no balanced feelings for you because you are almost likely to suffer great emotional heartaches because this guy may not give a hute about you while you continue to suffer simply because you are so much in love and crazy about him.

But for the ladies or emotionally weak guys that are already in a messy affair where the other partner feels far lesser love for him or her, simply make adjustments where necessary by:

1. Give your partner a space even if this will be hard for you.
2. Reduce the rate at which you communicate with him/her.
3. Don't stalk him/her in anyway.
4. Turn down his/her invitation even when you have no serious engagement for the day.
5. Give him or her a false impression that you are going out on a date with another person.
6.If All these do not jolt him or her back then take a walk

Men as well as women hate being put on relegation and will quickly have a change in attitude.

And if you are already married, you can also use same measures outlined above asides flaunting another man or woman glaringly to your spouse.
by toks2008
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