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As we all know it’s a common thing in Nigerian Universities –especially Public Universities- that students often offend Lecturers. While the lecturers sometimes are to be blamed, the silly behaviors some students exhibit cannot be exonerated as well. This article was concocted because the last time I checked, 99% of the time a lecturer has deemed that he has been offended, students bears the loss.
So Campus Dailies give to you, 4 reasons you shouldn’t infuriate your lecturer.

1) High Probability of Failing the Lecturer’s course
This, of course, needs little explanation. You offend a lecturer, you automatically become his/her enemy. He detests you and whatever can be associated to you; yourself as a person, your tests, assignments ,exams and even your colleagues. Yes! Your colleagues. So in case you’re reading this and you have that friend that has no other hobby than stepping on lecturers’ feet, you surely don’t need a priest to tell you what to do.

2) High probability of Failing the Lecturer’s colleagues courses
It is worthy of note that the support and love lecturers in the same department have and show themselves is out of this world. I equate it to the love a male toddler shows his toys and the love a female toddler has for her dolls. I remember vividly when a course mate offended Dr. X , only for Mr. Y to come to class the next day and say: “Dr. X has told me that you guys lack morals and home training. ‘We’ know what to do to you”. Did you notice the we in quotation? That explains it all.

3) Degraded Focus / Distraction
I’m very positive no one here would love to always be th topic of negative discussion by a lecturer; especially in class. He calls you to answer questions on topics that are in the 9th week on the scheme, when you’re just in the 4 weeks into resumption. He calls you names, publicly throws insults at you, awards you scores way below what you merit both in tests and assignments, the list goes on and on and on. Every right thinking student would agree that the aforementioned are step-brothers to Distraction.

4) Poor grades

You’re in school to study and obtain good grades, right? To make mama proud huh? Or is it to get that ‘Dream Job’? But how on earth is that possible when you’ve spent considerably large portion of the semester trying to get back on the good side of a lecturer? Prevention they say, is way better than cure!

There you have it people. We hope those who make a fun of offending lecturers would turn a new leaf.

-Campus Dailies

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