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Good morning, I just felt the need to share this with you. I don't know why though, but I believe it will be of great help to someone. Overtime, I have learnt some simple tips based on my experiences whenever I'm studying.

When I was schooling at AAUA, I found reading for long hours very easy and pleasurable. But I discovered that majority of my colleagues found reading boring and strenuous. They studied as a matter of necessity only when exams were around the corner.

These were the simple tips that helped my study life;

1. I read intermittently

By this, I mean that I read bit by bit, not allowing my work to pile up. I ensured that I read piecemeal. I could study for two hours and return to studying thirty minutes after.

2. I drank water whenever studying

The truth is I don't know the scientific justification for this, but I observed that I get renewed whenever I drank water while studying. You can also try it today.

3. I changed reading position whenever I was tired

I could read for an hour while standing or laying down. It all depended on the position that pleased at the time.

4. I tried to stay focused whenever I study

At a point I had to train myself to study and remain focused even in a noisy environment. You can build your mind to always stay focused whenever you are studying.

5. I took lots of notes when studying

I discovered that there was a connection between my mind and whatever I wrote down. I tend to remember very fast anything I write down. Ensure you try this today.

Happy new month

Written by Damilola Olisa (@DammyInforms)
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