In, we offer high-end Internet research training to educators. We provide the latest and most innovative online research technologies available today.  Online academic research is emerging as a major component of total research work-load in educational institutions, as the Internet is now integral to most organizational operations and transactions. The traditional brick-and-mortar form of education is now relocating to bits and bytes, i.e. online and automated classrooms. 

Lecturer training is an investment that allows educational institutions to take full advantage of the collaborative capabilities of Internet research technology, and create new learning opportunities in the classroom. Training educators about online research and education tools ranks among the topmost challenges facing Nigerian educational institutions. It is only through the effective use of Internet research tools in education that Nigeria’s educational institutions can be positioned to compete in this highly dynamic and challenging Internet ecosystem.  

As research partners we don’t stop at training, but also offer post training online support. We serve as virtual research partners and back office for online academic researchers. This will allow educators to focus on what they can do best: i.e. thinking and problem solving. An academic researcher as we know is like a musician that is trying to compose an appealing tune. But with a lot of noise at the background, his composition will be greatly hampered. Our organization can be an academician’s research partner and we can subdue the noise while he makes his music. 

Training Benefits to Our Research Partners

After the training, participants will be able to acquire the following skills:

  1. Google search tips and tricks for faster research output.
  2. How to create an interactive online project group so that members can bounce ideas off each other.
  3. How to manage an online calendar with email alerts to accommodate a lecturer’s different timetables and time schedules.
  4. How to automate periodic online research output in a particular field of study.
  5. How to create, manage and share an online personal library.
  6. How to create, manage and share an online bookstore.
  7. How to create, manage, and share online idea oriented blogs.
  8. How to interact with other scholars and their scholarly articles online.
  9. Security basics as regards to managing online documents.
  10.  Collaborate and share curriculum plans online.
  11. Consolidate notes for department or faculty meetings online.
  12. Create a simple online platform for document publishing; with the ability for a single lecturer to give up to fifty (50) people editing access to the same document at the same time from anywhere in the world.
  13. Share, collect, and grade assignments from students online without printing.
  14. Deliver and collect surveys, quizzes, and feedback online. 

Our Research Support

A researcher is like a musician that is trying to compose an appealing tone, but with a lot of noise at the background his dream toward such composition will be greatly hampered. In you will find a research partner who can subdue the noise while you make the music. could be an academician’s virtual research partner and a back office and will allow him to focus only on something he can do best and have fun doing it .Our online research robot will follow up with research areas and feed registered researchers with research materials for a token fee to enjoy our: 

  • Personalized support: We acknowledge IT and research process service. Each client gets a team of dedicated people to work on his research topic. The team members must not be in the same geographical location, as long as you have an Internet connection you can participate. Thousands  of  students and graduates  can  be  engaged  in  mining research  materials  for  researchers.
  • Transparency: We will value honesty and integrity as business practice not just ethical standard.
  • Flexible working hours: We will acknowledge how crowded for time researchers are which is capable of jeopardizing their work. We would mitigate this risk through rotating night shifts for portion of our team so as to provide 24 x 7 support services to our clients.
  • Partnering: We will be research process partners with our clients. We will strive to be worthy contributors in their progress.

Benefits to our research partners

  1. Researchers spend overnight browsing, all with the intention of sourcing for research materials. When they partner with us, we save them the stress and time of browsing overnight; they could now spend the night thinking instead of browsing.
  2. We will also be connecting researchers working in similar areas around the globe and bring them in contact with academic research editors around the globe.
  3. Cost sharing: We will be registered with numerous e-journal groups that serve our client base instead of single client registration by academics.
  4. We would build in a mechanism that informs academic research fellows on current development in their research area.
  5. We will be embedded in a global architecture that allows academic researchers to tender their ideas for deliberation.


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